About Occam’s Pocket Knife

This blog is a place for me to share thoughts and ideas related to my work. So what is my work? I am a Professor of Psychology and Computer Science at Rice University. I will post about things like:

* Usability, or Human Factors/Human-Computer Interaction more generally. I will complain about bad user interfaces, and might even occasionally give some credit to nice ones.

* Cognitive Science, especially computational modeling and ACT-R

* Inferential Statistics

* Academia in general

* Any other random topic that pops into my head that is even peripherally work-related

The title is a not-particularly-subtle play on Occam’s Razor. I went with “pocket knife” to emphasize that the content will be somewhat eclectic.

This blog is in no small part inspired by Mark Guzdial’s Computing Education Blog. However, I expect to be about an order of magnitude less prolific than Mark—I really don’t know how he does it.

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